The Health and Beauty Website – And Me.

FaceCloseup PolaroidThanks for visiting! My name is Tonya – I am – first and foremost a mom. I also am a web and software developer and creator of this website.

As a mom and a concerned member of the human race, I promote taking care of our planet’s resources and environment — I also regularly advocate healthy options when it comes to what people put into and on their bodies.

After a good amount of research (and personal experience), I have discovered that the very best health and beauty products are those that contain healthy ingredients that will promote physical health without negative long-or-short-term ramifications.

While this site is not strictly “natural” or “organic” in nature, I make it clear when I create a list of the top 10 products which ones are the healthiest.  (As a note, these products also tend to get the highest overall consumer raves and reviews – just sayin’.)

Again I thank you for visiting!  Feel free to use the contact form on this site if you have any questions or comments about what I am including on this site.

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