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What it’s All About

The “Top 10 Health and Beauty” website is all about – well – health and beauty.  But with a twist.  

Rather than focusing on strictly the most popular products out there, we stick to what is truly healthy – the natural and organic stuff.

With more and more people becoming educated on what kinds of ingredients are being put into products, and with those people now turning to natural and organic solutions, we figure that we will create a resource that concentrates strictly on those products.

Why?  Because we agree – natural and organic ingredients are what make up the very best health and beauty products out there – not only are they healthier, they commonly also work just as well or better.

About the Top 10 Lists

The “top 10” lists on this site are put together in a very specific way.  

Do we test all the products and review/rate them?  Nope.  

In fact, there is pretty much no way that could be done given the number of products on the lists and the number of people who are involved with this site (two or three at the most).  And, we don’t pretend to review and rate them.  We rank them based on current consumer opinion.  

How do we find out what consumers “think” and thus how to rank the lists?  It’s a pretty simple process – sometimes rather time consuming, but simple nonetheless.  We carry out 2 general steps:

  1. We consider that the “best products” by popular opinion are – of course – the products that consumers are buying the most.   So we find these by looking over the main websites (2 or 3) online that carry that specific type of product, and start the list there.
  2. Then we filter out which products are not getting above average (at least) ratings and reviews.  When possible, we only choose the products that have 4+ (out of 5) stars, with multiple ratings (not just one or two).

About skin and hair products

Common myth:  What we put onto our skin doesn’t really matter.  After all, we’re not ingesting these products, right?

Truth:  The skin is an organ of the body – it does take in what is put onto it.  Then it goes into the bloodstream and moves on from there.  So – when you use that shampoo with artificial preservatives (parabens) or other toxic ingredients, think twice.  Truthfully – even though it may not be pleasant to think about – those toxins sink right in to the body even though they are not swallowed.

On the other hand, when using products that do not contain toxins and other unhealthy ingredients, the body not only stays free of those ingredients, but can actually be made healthier (and more beautiful) long term.  

Sure makes sense to me!

Creator of the Heath and Beauty Website

My name is Tonya. I am – first and foremost – a mom. I also am a web publisher, software developer and creator of this website.

As a mother and a concerned member of the human race, I promote taking care of our planet’s resources and environment — I also regularly advocate healthy options when it comes to what people put into and on their bodies.

After a good amount of research (and personal experience), I have discovered that the very best health and beauty products are those that contain healthy ingredients that will promote physical health without negative long-or-short-term ramifications.  And – I have found that these products work just as well (or better) than more common name brand products.  (As a note, natural and organic products – in my experience and internet “travels” – also tend to get the highest overall consumer raves and reviews.  Just sayin’.)

Thank you for visiting!  Feel free to use the contact form on this site if you have any questions or comments about what I am including here.  I would love to hear from you!

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